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Partnering with the 500 Companies that Will Create At Least One Trillion Dollars of Market Value in the Next Five Years


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Managing Partner

Millennium believes the confluence of the major trends now unfolding in technology will fundamentally re-shape the landscape of American and global life – these range from social media to mobility, smart phones & tablets, cloud, big data, cybersecurity, video, e-commerce, payments and financial innovations. An even more robust, dynamic, and interactive Web will evolve. Most businesses, and most human endeavors, will undergo more change in the next decade than we saw even in the last two decades of highly accelerated, compressed change cycles.

At the same time, technology companies and technology investing are entering a new era. Aspects of the old venture capital model don’t work as well anymore. The public markets are changing and don’t always fit the needs of emerging companies, even those with big revenue numbers. The strategic M&A market doesn’t function as it used to. Great new companies need creative new financial solutions for growth, expansion, and liquidity.

There are perhaps 500 companies that emerged in the last decade at the heart of this transformation. We expect these companies will create a trillion dollars of market value over the next decade.  It is our mission to identify these companies and find mutually beneficial ways to work together, with millennium serving as a trusted partner throughout company lifecycles. We believe we can provide the most efficient and intelligent capital, and the most workable structures, to help these innovators optimize and maximize the great assets and resources they have developed, accelerate their growth, and enhance their ability to achieve strategic goals. We also offer the programs that can allow the individuals and investors who have provided the human and financial capital for this transformation to achieve cash liquidity on terms and timing under their control, not at the whim of fickle and cyclical capital markets.


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